Decades of Experience

Most Contractors Last 5 Years or Less.

We’re At 22 Years And Counting.

We’re not going to tell you to do business with us just because we’ve been around for a long time.

But the fact that we’ve been in continuous operation as a top-quality Minneapolis-St. Paul bathroom, kitchen, and window contractor since 1995 does reveal important things about us.

Our 22+ Years In Business Tells You:

  • We’re an established local company that’s there for our customers.
  • We’ve got a proven track record you can check for yourself (see our Reputation page).
  • After nearly a quarter century in business, we have a tremendous amount of practical experience to draw from.
  • Only a truly professional, financially stable company lasts this long in the remodeling industry.

We also are a company with a physical location and showroom, not a contractor who uses his truck as an office.

As you go through the process of deciding on the right home remodeling company for your project, consider the benefits of having a company with a proven history working for you.

Let’s discover if we’re a match for you – give us a call and get a free initial consultation.