Understand Your Options

Don’t “Get Sold” On A Remodeling Project.

Instead, Get Educated On Your Options.

It happens way too often to Minneapolis-St. Paul homeowners.

Companies are called for an estimate about a home renovation project and they take a couple of quick measurements and hand you an estimate. That’s it. There’s hardly any explanation of the products or what your different options might be.

That’s not fair to you, and it doesn’t give you enough information to make a good decision of who to hire and what to install.

One of the things homeowners tell us is that we slow down long enough to talk with them about their project. We want to know your goals, we want to help you stay within your budget, and we want you to feel completely comfortable that the solution we’re offering is the right fit for you.

Sure, this approach means we have to spend a little more time than contractors who rush in and hand you an estimate, but our customers tell us it makes a difference to them.

An Example Of What We Do To Educate

Here is one example from kitchen remodeling. Many Minneapolis-St. Paul kitchen remodeling companies won’t clearly explain that you can often get the beautiful results you want at a fraction of the cost by re-facing your cabinets instead of doing a full-scale remodel.

So many times we walk into a home where the structural integrity of the cabinets is solid, and a re-facing can totally transform the look of the kitchen without having to start from the ground-up.

That solution won’t be right for every home, but shouldn’t someone at least educate you on your options if it can save you money and still give you great results?

Great Lakes Home Renovation can give you a free education consultation and quote on your bathroom, kitchen, or replacement windows project. Call us to get started.