Upgrade to Vinyl Windows to Combat Cold Winter Drafts

Upgrade to Vinyl Windows to Combat Cold Winter Drafts

Are your windows aging, drafty, rotting or all of the above. It might be time to have them replaced with a more durable and energy-efficient alternative. Winter is quickly approaching and the last thing you’ll want is for chilly drafts to flow through your home, so upgrade to high-quality vinyl windows from Great Lakes Window and Siding Co. This low-maintenance, stylish material will ensure your house is ready to block cold air from coming in, creating a warm and cozy environment.

Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows

Our vinyl replacement windows are tightly sealed to ensure no air is transferred in or out. As a result, your house will stay warm during the brutal Minnesota winter without the need to excessively crank your heat. In fact, you’ll find that the use of your heating unit will be drastically reduced, causing your monthly energy bills to drop.

Lifetime Durability of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Composed of high-quality polyvinyl chloride, our vinyl windows require little maintenance and will last for years. They’ll never warp, rot, stain or accumulate mold or mildew. All you’ll need to worry about is making sure they’re closed when the temperatures begin to drop.

Expert Replacement Window Installation

The well-trained vinyl window installers at Great Lakes will work tirelessly to outfit your entire home with top-tier solutions. With their skill and experience, they’ll have your project completed in as little as two days. They’ll ensure every replacement window is tightly secured and ready to handle whatever Old Man Winter has in store.

Prepare your home for winter with our Minneapolis window installation service today. Call upon our vinyl replacement window installers to outfit your home with brand new solutions that are as energy efficient as they are beautiful. Contact Great Lakes to receive your free consultation today!

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