We’re Renovating

We’re Renovating

For the past 22 years, the members of Great Lakes Window & Siding have been proud of our name. We have transformed from a company built in the basement of a home into an A+ Rated Better Business Bureau establishment with a beautiful showroom. So many things have changed since Dan and Mary Brouillet started this company in 1995, but a few things have not:

Great Lakes Home Renovations remains committed to our homeowners

We still attentively select our materials

We are still family owned and operated

So… why are we changing our name? Our name renovation comes from a desire to better represent ourselves. In short, we no longer do what our name says we do. Here’s what has changed:

Siding Replacement was discontinued

Bathroom Remodels were added several years ago

Kitchen Remodels were added a few years ago

A lot of exciting things have changed here at Great Lakes. Did you know we have launched as many as six different home renovation categories since the company’s birth almost 25 year ago? We know more renovations are bound to occur. Our new name makes us better prepared. We are excited about our name change and hope you will be to.

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